Canada Day Checkstops In Grande Prairie

As the long weekend approaches us in northern Alberta, and folks get ready for Canada Day BBQs and local events, the local police are also on a raised alert for spotting individuals who are drinking and driving. This year, as years in the past, RCMP will be setting up drunk driving checkstops in Grande Prairie this Canada Day.

Bill 26 Has Changed Alberta’s Drunk Driving Laws In 2013

Because of Bill 26, implemented at the beginning of 2013, individuals in Alberta can now face penalties for blowing over .05 if stopped by local law enforcement. The penalties for blowing over .05 in Alberta depend on your previous driving record, but can result in a license suspension and vehicle suspension. Both can be costly if your job in Grande Prairie requires you to drive.

Making Smart Choices For Rides

Obviously, in Grande Prairie public transportation options are more limited than those of the larger cities in the south. There isn’t an LRT, bus routes are limited, and taxis are in even shorted supply on days such as Canada Day. The best plan is to plan ahead, reserve a taxi if you need to get somewhere, or have someone in the group designate themselves as the sober driver. The most important thing is that everyone travels safely over the holiday weekend.

Defending Drunk Driving Charges In Grande Prairie

If you, or a friend, have been charged with drunk driving in Grande Prairie or surrounding areas, contact our DUI lawyers immediately and let us help your situation. Our criminal lawyers in Grande Prairie have the experience and success in defending clients on impaired driving charges. We are here to help your circumstances.




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Posted on June 27th, 2013