Uruguay’s Wants Canadian ‘Quality’ Weed

Uruguay’s government is about to start selling marijuana as a source of revenue, and officials want Canada’s medical marijuana — because that’s “where the best quality is” according to Lucia Topolansky, Ururgayan senator and wife of President Jose Mujica. The idea is new in Uruguay, and the infrastructure is not there yet, Topolansky said, “to start with, we will have to buy cannabis.”

In an effort to support their bid to start selling marijuana as a source of revenue the Uruguay government hopes to support their budding new industry with Canadian product. However, there remains a fundamental question of economic feasibility. Uruguay is planning to sell marijuana at $1 per gram, far below the retail prices medical marijuana companies in Canada are planning to sell it at, about $4 to $12 per gram. Quality does not come cheap.

This announcement comes at a time when some critics and medical pot patients believe Canada has taken a step backwards. In April, Canadian medical marijuana patients will no longer be able to grow their own weed, nor buy it from small-scale growers licensed by Health Canada.

Patients with a pot prescription will now only be able to buy weed from a licensed, large-scale manufacturer. Some patients say they will no longer be able to afford marijuana in the quantities they’ve had it prescribed. There is also the risk of a potential supply shortage with only 10 manufacturers to grow weed for the new Canadian program.

In Uruguay, as of last December, households can grow up to six plants with an annual harvest of up to 480 grams (that’s just over 17 ounces).

Now government officials in Uruguay are worried the government won’t be able to develop the large-scale cultivation operations in time for the release of its new marijuana program. However Canada may not in political position to help the progressive government with it’s ambitious new plan.

While marijuana regulation is being relaxed internationally, there are still criminal implications for possessing large quantities (over 30g of cannabis or 1g of resin) in Canada. The legal team at Slaferek Callihoo is here to defend your drug possession charges. Call us today.

Posted on April 24th, 2014