Facing A Second Offense
Impaired Driving In Grande Prairie?

If you are facing a second impaired driving offense in Alberta, you are likely familiar with the severity in which the province addresses drunk driving cases. With the recent changes in legislature under Bill 26, drunk driving laws in Alberta are not getting lighter. As a second offense for drunk driving, individual’s charged for blowing over .08 BAC can be facing harsh financial penalties, as well as time in prison.

Penalties For Bloging Over .08 Blood Alcohol Content

If you are a second time, or multiple offender for drunk driving in Alberta, you can be expecting penalties that include:

  • The loss of your driver’s license for a minimum of 3 years.
  • Potential prison time – dependent of time between 1st and 2nd DUI offense.
  • Permanent criminal record.
  • 3-year mandatory ignition interlock upon conviction, depending on circumstances until criminal charges are resolved
  • Mandatory and costly treatment programs and/or DUI classes
  • Towing charges and the impounding fees upon picking up your vehicle.
  • Inhibited ability to work if you require a vehicle.
  • Jeopardizing child custody arrangements.
  • Restricted ability to travel abroad.
  • DUI car insurance increases.
  • Immigration status issues.




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Refusing A Roadside Breathalyzer In Alberta

Following the Criminal Code of Canada, a driver who has been pulled over by authorities has the right to refuse the request for a Breathalyzer sample. However, refusing a breathalyzer test in Alberta will result in an immediate charge of impaired driving over the .08 BAC limit. In cases where a driver has submitted short breaths or incomplete breaths, or claims they can not submit a sample due to respitory issues, the driver will be charged under the assumption of blowing over .08 BAC.

In the instance of an accident, where the driver has been sent to hospital, the local police authorities have the right to obtain a blood sample from the driver if a breath sample is not possible under hospital care conditions.

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