Probation Violation Defence Lawyers In Grande Prairie

Probation is a sentencing alternative to incarceration. It may require offenders to pay restitution, perform community service, attend treatment programs for drug or alcohol addictions or attend counselling sessions to deal with emotional or health concerns. If you have been sentenced to probation or have been released from prison under probation and have had trouble meeting the obligations of your probation, please don’t hesitate to contact the probation violation lawyers at Slaferek Callihoo today.

The Lawyers At Slaferek Callihoo Understand

We understand that it is often very difficult to juggle all of the responsibilities of your probation and your personal life. Often, probation officers lack that understanding and may not be lenient, even if it is your first violation of probation. Being charged with violating your probation can have serious consequences for your future. Only a skilled and experienced legal team can help you present your case to the court. Contact the probation violation lawyers at Slaferek Callihoo today to get the representation you deserve.




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The Categories of Probation Violations

Violating your probation doesn’t mean you are not on the path to rehabilitation. There can be many reasons why you were unable to meet your probation obligations and the lawyers at Slaferek Callihoo want to help make those reasons clear to the court. A probation violation hearing can be very complicated and can carry serious consequences if you do not have adequate representation.

If you or someone you know is facing a probation violation bond, it is extremely important that you have a competent and knowledgeable team of lawyers behind you. We handle all types of probation violations. Whether you are facing a felony probation violation, DUI probation violation or juvenile probation violation, we can help you during this difficult time. If you decide to surrender to the authorities, having a knowledgeable lawyer at your side during this process will be invaluable.

Probation Lawyers With The Experience You Can Trust

Let our experience working within the court system help you with your probation violation. If you have violated your probation due to a technicality or if you have committed a more recent crime, you need the expertise of a competent legal staff to help you through. Slaferek Callihoo’s team of probation lawyers will fight for your today. Call or Email our lawyers now – 1-780-800-7619.

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