Facing Aggravated Assault Charges In Alberta?

In Alberta, assault laws have no specific criminal code dedicated to domestic violence assault charges and the majority of incidents involving domestic violence are often referred to as spousal assaults.  Domestic violence assault cases are charged as assault charges like simple assault or assault causing bodily harm. Often, domestic assault battery incidents involve a disagreement between the participants. The alleged “domestic assault victim” and the accused often disagree on the facts that affected the incident. In the area of spousal assault, the lawyers at Slaferek Callihoo have helped the majority of our clients avoid a criminal record by negotiating with the Crown to drop the assault charge in return for an agreement to a type of restraining order called a 810 peace bond, also known as a “recognizance.”

On the other hand, when people are accused of domestic assault, they often have to deal with an Emergency Protection Order issued against them by the complainant.  Emergency Protection Orders are often referred to as “EPO’s.” Our domestic assault defence team can help get an Emergency Protection Order lifted.




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Want to avoid a criminal record due to Domestic Assault Charges?

Having a professional team of highly experienced and capable lawyers who understand how to prepare your case for trial is very important to your aggravated assault defense.  Choosing the right aggravated assault defense team is critically important – a conviction could drastically impact your life for decades in the future. If you are found guilty, an aggravated assault sentence can include fines, court-ordered treatment and significant prison sentences. The aggravated assault and battery defense team at Slaferek Callihoo has proven that it can successfully prepare any assault case for trial.

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Being convicted of aggravated assault can have a devastating impact your home life, career, and financial situation – long after your sentence is completed. A conviction may also further impact aspects of your life including: volunteering, coaching, or being involved in any of your children’s recreational, sports or social activities. If you have been arrested on assault and battery, violent crime or sexual assault charges don’t risk your future. Contact Grande Prairie’s highly aggressive and professional defense team at Slaferek Callihoo today.

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